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The Mission #3 – Review and Preview

Well if you guessed that this story fell from the Fight Club tree of thought than you win a cookie, not from me so good luck claiming it. This issue was created for one reason… the last page and I’m not going to tell you about it. I will tell you that this book does absolutely nothing to drive the story forward or even deal with the fact that the main character killed someone in cold blood the issue before.

The issue begins with Paul and his wife in therapy after finding out that Paul has been lying about going to work. Instead Paul’s been listening to the Angel Gabrielle that apparently only he can see. He meets with Gabrielle and then decides to follow him. He sees him meet with a homeless man and Paul decides to question the man. He talks like a predictable crazy homeless man, but Paul seems to take some deeper meaning from his ramblings. This back and forth continues for most of the issue.

The Mission #3 CoverThe first issue was pretty interesting; the second had its moments even if it wasn’t great, but this issue really was just a rip off of Fight Club and not a good one. It accomplished nothing for the story other than to prove one point and really that could have been cut in half and something for the fourth issue could have been introduced. It really just made the book feel like filler. They needed to have it make four issues so they stretched it out.

The art is still the most improved part of the story. Werther Dell’Edera’s style continues to improve with each new issue. There’s a full page panel of Paul and the detail and style are both present. It’s a really great page. Unfortunately, the art can’t save the dwindling story interest and it’s not good enough on its own to get people to keep reading.

Personally I’ll stick around for one more issue just to see how the story ends, but if it doesn’t wrap with the fourth issue I don’t know what it could possible do to draw me back in again. As it stands this series is just a concept book with pretty poor execution. Hopefully the next series under the Collider banner will be something special.

Overall Score – 5.0/10
*Not the best place to start reading*

As a treat we also have the preview for the issue so enjoy!

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