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The Mocking Dead #1 Sells Out Of Second Print

I’m sure by now we’ve all heard of The Walking Dead.  The sprawling series is up to its 115th issue, which inspired a successful television series, multiple video games, and now a satirical spin-off of sorts—and a good one to boot.  The Mocking Dead #1 has completely sold out of its second printing, as well as the first printing of Issue #2.


The Mocking Dead is penned by Fred Van Lente, the New York Times best selling author of Marvel Zombies.  He seems to have a knack for turning popular titles on their heads, and as a veteran writer in the zombie genre, I can only assume that he has plenty to joke about. 

And while it may well be a joke, the artwork isn’t.  Max Dunbar did the interior artwork and at first glance, you might think you were reading a story with a much more serious tone.  The illustrations are black and white save for the color red, which is retained for obvious reasons and has a very striking affect.  

Fred Van Lente was humorously quoted saying, “I am deeply disappointed that the comics reading public continues to encourage Max Dunbar’s and my shenanigans, as it proves you are severely lacking in good taste and/or moral rectitude.”  It feels like an appropriate way to thank the massive readership, and I doubt the message was missed. 


Due to popular demand, The Mocking Dead has been extended into a five-issue series.  Published by Dynamite Entertainment, The Mocking Dead is available in stores and digitally.  Go check out what all the hype is about.  


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