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The Most Horrific Video Game Monsters

The world of video games is full of monstrous creatures, from the mutant Necromorphs of Dead Space to the blocky terrors of Minecraft, right up to the myriad horrors of the Resident Evil games. As we enter Halloween weekend, it's worth taking a look at the very best (or worst) of them.

10. Remnants (FEAR 2: Project Origin)
The Remnants are some of the FEAR series' more original monsters, being the spirits of people killed and mutated by Alma's supernatural powers. They keep repeating the actions they were completing when they died until you get close, at which point they begin to possess the bodies of the dead around them like a demented puppet-master and attack you.

9. Witches (Left 4 Dead)
There's a whole lot more to the Left 4 Dead games than just fighting zombies. Witches are some of the more deadly creatures in Valve's zombie shooter. They're perfectly harmless unless you startle them by getting too close or by shining a flashlight on them, at which point they attack you with their deadly claws.

8. Endermen (Minecraft)
The Endermen are one of the more recent additions to the blocky world of Minecraft. These otherworldly monsters are perfectly safe to be around until you make eye contact with them, then they start teleporting around you with the intent to kill.

7. Necromorphs (Dead Space)
The Necromorphs of the Dead Space games are the result of an alien infection that resurrects and mutates the bodies of the dead. Appearing in a variety of different forms, from the Slashers and Grabbers to the Brutes, these monsters can only be killed by dismembering their limbs.

6. Hunters (Resident Evil )
The Resident Evil franchise is full of horrific monsters, but the Hunters take the cake. These reptilian BOWs (Bio-Organic Weapons) were created by the sinister Umbrella Corporation and are capable of decapitating a human in a single strike, much to the dismay of players. Hunters have appeared in a number of Resident Evil games and with each appearance they become more and more deadly.

5. Gatherers (Amnesia: The Dark Descent)

Amnesia was one of the break-out games of 2010 with its horrific atmosphere and gameplay. The Gatherers are the grotesque servants of Alexander of Brennanburg and they hunt the player mercilessly once they make chase.

4. Nemesis (Resident Evil 3)
Nemesis was the star of the third Resident Evil game and rightly so. This highly advanced BOW created by the Umbrella Corporation combines the endurance of a zombie with the deadly strength of a Tyrant. Nemesis relentlessly hunts the player through the entirety of the game and many consider him to be one of the greatest villains in gaming.

3. Alma (FEAR)
While the spooky little girl image is hardly original, the FEAR series antagonist Alma definitely takes the horror trope in new directions. While Alma began as a little girl, she evolved as the series progressed, moving from a haunting child to a twisted young woman seeking revenge on those who have wronged her. 

2. Licker (Resident Evil Series)
One of the most terrifying monsters the Resident Evil games have to offer are the Lickers. These agile, skinless creatures which have appeared in almost every game in the series are an Umbrella BOW that fight players with both its powerful agility and strength.

1. Pyramid Head (Silent Hill Series)
The Silent Hill games tend to lean towards disturbing monsters rather than horrific monsters and the most well known of these is the enigmatic Pyramid Head. This dark parody of an executioner hunts players through numerous installments of the series and has proven itself to be one of the most horrific monsters in gaming.

Did we miss your personal gaming nightmare?  Tell us about the foe that terrifies you the most in the comments below.


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