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The New Call of Juarez Looks Back to its Western Roots

There’s been no official confirmation as of yet, but it looks almost certain that a new Call of Juarez game is forthcoming. In a newly revealed image on the official Call of Juarez Facebook page, Ubisoft teased tomorrow’s date as a potential announcement point.

The image displays a man in typical western clothing sitting in what looks to be a wild-west style saloon. The whiskey is a nice touch. This style harkens back to the original two Call of Juarez games; first person shooters set within a spaghetti western theme. Two great games that were somewhat ruined by the shameful third entry in the series, The Cartel. This reveal, however, certainly points at the western theme that hasn’t really been exploited in the gaming market as much as it should have.

The 09-06-12 date placed within the image suggests that either more teasing or a fully blown announcement should be expected tomorrow. Here’s hoping it’s the latter, as a return to the winning formula developer Techland discovered with Bound in Blood would be a welcome surprise. Plus, with the popularity of Red Dead Redemption giving the western setting a helping hand, there’s sure to be a market out there for a potentially great gun slinging title. You can check out the teaser image below, but be sure to check back here at Player Affinity for more on this news.



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