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The New Creative Teams were Announced for all the Green Lantern Books

Last week it was announced that Geoff Johns will be leaving his seven year run on Green Lantern. The same day it was announced that there would be new creative teams for all the Green Lantern books. Today it was announced who will be new the creative teams.

Robert Venditti and Billy Tan will be taking over the main Green Lantern book. Venditti is currently working on the indy book X-O Manowar. In the past Billy Tan has worked on some issues of Uncanny X-men and New Avengers

The new creative team for Green Lantern Corps will be Joshua Hale Fialkov and Bernard Chang. Fialkov has recently worked on I, Vampire and an indy book from Dark Horse called The Cleaners. Bernard Chang has recently worked on some issues of DC Presents. 

Green Lantern New Guardians will be traken over by Justin Jordan and Brad Walkers. Justin Jordan has previously worked on the recently cancelled book Team 7 and the Valiant book Shadowman. Brad Walker has illustrated some issues of the New 52 Action Comics title. 

The new creative team for Red Lanterns will be Robert Vendetti (who is also writing the main Green Lantern series) and Alessandro Vitti. Alessandro Vitti has recently worked on the Captain America and Hawkeye crossover mini series. 

A new title that will be added to the Green Lantern line up is a Larfleeze solo series.  The creative team for the title is Keith Giffen and Scott Kollins. Keith Giffen has worked on the 52 title from DC Comics and Countdown to Final Crisis. Scott Kollins on some issues of The Flash

What do you guys think about the new creative teams? Are you excited that Larfleeze is getting his own series? Tell us in the comments below.



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