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The New Wonder Woman has been Cast

Seemingly out of nowhere,
the new face of Wonder Woman has been found, and it is none other than Adrianne
Palicki.  Palicki will be taking on
the iconic role in the recently picked up Wonder Woman pilot for NBC. Palicki
is best known for her role as Tyra Collette in Friday Night Lights, but she has
also appeared on Supernatural, Smallville, and Lone Star. Standing at a towering
5’ 11’,  the actress reportedly
auditioned for the same role in the cancelled Justice League movie back in

Adrianne Pulicki

Jefferey Reiner is directing
the NBC pilot with David E. Kelley writing and producing. Reiner has worked
with Palicki in the past, as he was the main director of Friday Night Lights
for the first three seasons. The series pilot is a
reinvention of the iconic DC Comics title in which Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) is a
charismatic corporate Los
Angeles executive and a modern woman trying to balance a vigilante crime
fighting gig on the side.

Before this, the Wonder
Woman pilot has been riddled with problems, with early reports revealing that
no network had picked up the television show. However, just a few weeks ago,
NBC announced they would be producing the pilot.


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