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The Next Xbox Delayed Due to Manufacturing Issues?

Rumors suggest that manufacturing trouble could delay Microsoft’s next Xbox. Seen on the site SemiAccurate, the ‘Oban’ processor that powers the system is facing shortages that could prevent Microsoft from manufacturing enough consoles for a rumored 2013 release.

An anonymous source from SemiAccurate suggested that there’s “some slack” in Microsoft’s production schedule, and that even a six to eight week delay wouldn’t be enough to push back the next Xbox’s launch. “Microsoft insiders tell us that the planned launch date is September 2013, and that is not changing without heads rolling internally,” SemiAccurate writes. “Given the very hard limits imposed by the fab technologies involved and the self-imposed start date, time is running out. If there is two months of slack in the supply chain, unless the yield problems are solved by late February 2013, Microsoft can’t hit its desired September 2013 launch date.”

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We are all still wondering what it will look like...

 Xbox 720


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