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The Perhapanauts: First Blood and Second Chances

How did Big Foot, a chupacabra, the Mothman and an assortment of others, human and fantastic alike, become part of an organization dedicated to protecting the world from the strange and terrible creatures that lurk in the dark? The Perhapanauts, Vol. 0: Dark Days by writer Todd Dezago and artist Craig Rousseau will answer that question on September 8, 2010.
The Perhapanauts, Vol. 0 collects in one massive tome, for the first time, the time-lost tales of the Perhapanauts from their hard-to-find First Blood and Second Chances miniseries! See the origins and early adventures of the most mysterious, thrilling, and at times, hilarious paranormal team in world of comics! This is where it all started! The book also features several back-up stories and a pin-up gallery by some of the industry's finest!
“Arisa, Big, Choopie, and all the agents of Bedlam had their start somewhere,” states Dezago. “Dark Days collects their origin stories with all the action, supernatural crime fighting and humor you expect of The Perhapanauts! We’re pumped to make these stories accessible to new and old fans alike.”
The Perhapanauts, Vol. 0: Dark Days, a 240-page full color trade paperback for $17.99, will be in stores September 8, 2010. 


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