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The PlayStation Card

I knew it was only a matter of time until we had a gaming-centric credit card.

Sony has just debuted the PlayStation Card.  While it appears to be a standard Visa, it comes with specific bonuses for those who use it on Sony’s online services.  Ginger Kraus, SCEA’s Sr. Director of Promotions detailed what people can look forward to via the PlayStation blog:

“The PlayStation Card lets you earn points on all of your purchases, including 10X points on every purchase you make on PlayStation Network. That means you can earn 10X points on each of your game-related PSN purchases as well as PSN movie or TV episode purchases and rentals. EVERY purchase you make using this card lets you rack up points you can redeem for PlayStation games, accessories, and PlayStation Network content – along with other great products from Sony.”

So essentially, they’ve come up with a way for customers to earn points towards goods and services on PSN, so long as they use Sony’s card specifically. The points system also extends to all of Sony’s stores (online and retail), quick service restaurants, movie theatres, phone bills and whatever else they happen to produce or be tied to from the sounds of it.  I wonder how many Xbox fans will be picking up these.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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