Turn off the Lights

The Plot Hole Episode 26

John, Max, Kieran and Simon, a quartet of fine gents, delve into some of the hottest movie news, including the title and casting rumors for "Die Hard 5," before dissecting the first trailer for The Avengers, and finally talking about the new directors for Thor 2 and The Twilight Zone.

In our feature, it's the '80s all the way as we try to figure out why this seems to be such a popular decade to remake as of late, and if there are films of merit to revisit in the first place. Finally, we have reviews of The Thing, The Big Year and early reviews (courtesy of Kieran from across the pond) of Johnny English Reborn and The Three Musketeers. You can listen to it all for free on iTunes or our streaming podcast page www.playeraffinity.com/podcast.

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