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The PS3 Team’s Most Anticipated Games of 2011

2010 was a great time to be a gamer, and it looks like 2011 will
continue that trend. There should be a ton of great games coming all
year long, but all of us have at least one that we’re looking forward to
more than others. It doesn’t have to be rational or perfectly reasoned,
it’s just the game we can’t wait to get our hands on. These are our
picks for the games we’re most eagerly anticipating as Playstation 3
owners for the rest of the year.

Adam Guy – Resistance 3

My most anticipated upcoming game this year is Resistance 3. The first Resistance: Fall of Man had a unique and first-rate story, and was
one of the earliest
games to arrive on the PS3. Unlike a lot of other launch titles it had
good graphics and a strong online multiplayer, making it a favorite
with the PS3’s early online community. The sequel,
Resistance 2, arrived with a lot more hype and expectation than the
first, and although it was still a good game many fans felt let down by some of
the changes and exclusions made to the series, like the lack of the excellent
local co-op from the first game.

Resistance 3 is set in an
alternate 1957, four years after 
2, discharged sentinel Joseph Capelli leaves his family to travel from Oklahoma to New
York to try and suppress the occupying Chimera, and help the human race to
survive. There is no doubt
Resistance 3
will be a good game. But more importantly it’s a chance for developer Insomniac
to show they have learnt from their mistakes, and that they can make a game to
please the existing fan base while still attracting some of the newer PS3

Matt Jacobs – The Last Guardian

I’m not even sure if The Last Guardian will really come out by the end
of this year, but it will have been six years since Fumito Ueda and his
team last released a game by then so I sure hope it happens. The team’s
first two games, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, were both
classics unique in their combination of an original atmosphere with
notable and influential gameplay ideas. There’s a minimalism to much
about the games, from their design to their stories to their interfaces,
while at the same time featuring gorgeous visuals and some big design.
Ico has some of the most elaborate and creative puzzles from the era,
and of course no one can forget how Shadow was basically a game of
nothing but absolutely gigantic boss fights. We still don’t really know
what playing The Last Guardian will really be like, but we can make some
guesses. There will probably be a mix of climbing-focused platforming
and cerebral puzzle solving while controlling the boy, and it seems
likely that there will be a significant flying element involving the
creature he spends the game with. But whatever the specifics are, I’m
sure it will be a beautiful, singular gaming experience, one that
reminds people what true creativity and free thinking in the medium can

The Last Guardian

Derek St. Amand – Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

My most anticipated PS3 game for 2011 is Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.
This series is among the most impressive and complete franchises
available for the console and features one of the most interesting and
unique stories from this generation. On top of this, the games look
beautiful and play very fluidly. The game mechanics are top notch and
the developers did a wonderful job animating and bringing the characters
to life. The story telling has kept my interest and I am very exited
for the next chapter, which was announced for November 2011. I think the
next game in the series has the potential of being the best PS3
platformer yet; even topping 2009’s Among Thieves—which
is still one of my favorite games and is arguably one of the best PS3
titles of all time. I thought the game was nearly perfect so in order to
achieve something better, the developers have their work cut out, but I
think Naughty Dog will get it done. I would like to see the same great
mechanics that made the first two games stand out, and more of the same
awesome storytelling to go with them. The graphics will be undoubtedly
stunning and I expect an even deeper level of character development in
the next chapters. Overall, I think Uncharted 3 will be one of the
year’s very best titles.

Nick Ward – Duke Nukem Forever

There’s something about comedy and violence that clicks so well, so Duke
Nukem Forever is my most anticipated game this year. On top of being a
classic character from the 1990s, his new adventure is being developed
by Gearbox. Gearbox has made several of my favorite games, including
Half-Life: Opposing Force and Borderlands. Anyone familiar with the
original can expect over-the-top humor mixed with an assortmant of
explosive weapons. The huge boss battles are going to be great. In
today’s shooter world, the fad is space aliens on a starship or warfare
in real-life locations. I’m even more excited we get to combine the two
locations, and bring back the fun of “less talk, more shot” gameplay
that the early shooters were known for.

Eric Woods – Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

There are so many fantastic
looking PS3 games coming out this year that the thought of choosing just one is
daunting. The Killzone and Resistance franchises have pumped out some of my
favorite shooters. Batman: Arkham City is the sequel to one of the best
action/adventure games of this console generation. And let’s not forget Mass
Effect 3
, the final chapter in a saga that I have already replayed far too many
times. All of these titles look incredible, but there is one that trumps them
all: Uncharted 3. Sure, this seems like the predictable choice. But it is
predictable for a reason. The second entry in the beloved treasure hunting
series was and remains still the best action game available on any console. The
characters were lovable, even the villains; the story was just involved enough
to keep me flying from one exotic locale to the next, and the gunplay was
buttery smooth. To top it all off, Uncharted 2 had some of the best scripted
moments I have ever seen. If the third entry can live up to the admittedly
lofty expectations set by its predecessor, we will have one hell of a game on
our hands.

the small chunk of gameplay that has been shown promises more of what I love
about the series. Drake’s animations have been improved so that he will realistically
react to his surroundings. This subtle improvement is put to good use in the
burning building demo, where Drake will shield his face from the smoke that
comes billowing from the wreckage. Those great scripted moments look to be back
in full force as well. At one point in the demo, Drake’s leg falls through the
weakened floor, and Sully desperately tries to pull him out as enemies swarm
around them. Drake has to fend off the bad guys while Sully pulls him free.
Later, a collapsing staircase sends Drake and Sully crashing through a weakened
wall. These moments, coupled with the shocking level of polish the game already
exhibits and the promise of improved multiplayer, have me confident that
Naughty Dog can improve upon its lauded formula.


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