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The Ravagers #1 Review

The Ravagers is a continuation from the Culling story arc in Teen Titans, Legion Lost, and Superboy last month. It is a new series for the second wave of the DC reboot and a new teen hero book.

The cover was great for this issue. It shows every character in the series, which is very important for a new series. If someone walks into the comic book store and sees their favorite character on the cover they are going to be tempted to pick up the issue. Another reason people might pick up this issue is because it says that this series is continuing from Teen Titans. So, the people who enjoyed the Culling might want to pick up this issue up.

This issue continues from the Culling story arc and tells the story of the aftermath for Fairchild, Beast Boy, Terra, Thunder, Ridge, and Lightning.  These characters are running away from NOWHERE, but will NOWHERE find them before they can escape.

If you didn’t like the Culling than you probably are going hate this series also. As I said earlier in this review this is an aftermath story of the Culling following a group of characters that has escaped from NOWHERE. I personally was not a big fan of the Culling. The story arc was building up in the Teen Titans series since issue 1, but when the story arc finally came it was a let down.

If you are a big fan of teen heroes than you may enjoy this issue. There are a lot of new teen heroes in this series and some old teen heroes that have a new twist with the New 52. But I still think you need the combination of liking the culling story arc and liking teen heroes to really enjoy this series.

A big disappointment about this issue was that there was not much character development. We only learn about two characters personalities in this issue and that was Ridge and Fairchild, but every other character was just painted into the background. Sometimes with team books it could be a challenge to have every character shine, and I think that is going to be a very big challenge for this series.

The art for this issue is very similar to the art in the New 52 Teen Titans series. So, if you like the art for the Teen Titans than you will like the art for this series. Also, if you like the art for the cover of this issue than you will probably like the art for this issue. I am not a big fan of this art style, but I think it works better in this series than it does in the Teen Titans.  

If you like teen books and the Culling than I recommend you to pick up this issue, but if you didn’t like the Culling and you don’t like teen books than I recommend you not to pick up the series. 



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