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“The Rite” is all right with scary movie fans

The Rite clawed its way out of the depths and up to number one. Anothony Hopkin’s familiar tale of demon possession was enough for a few to enjoy. It scared $15.5 million out of American pockets, narrowly beating out holdover No Strings Attached. The Mechanic matched The Green Hornet with $11.5 million; good enough for third and fourth places.

Among the independents and art pictures Black Swan slowly creeps toward $100 million. It added $5.2 to its tally and took eigth place. Fellow nominees The King’s Speech and True Grit held fifth and sixth with $11.1 million and $7.6 million respectively. Odd man out Yogi Bear clings to tenth position with $92.5 million, but will soon disappear.

Little Fockers and Tron: Legacy fell victim to the new entries. Both long ago passed the $100 million mark, yet neither met box office expectations overall. Whearas the Meet the Parent franchise is likely dead, Disney will take another stab at “Tron” with a sequel to the lukewarm visual spectacle. Two more will suffer the same fate next week when new arrivals top the tepid chart.

The Top Ten

1.  1. The Rite - $15.5M (weekend)…$15.5M (gross)
2.  2. No Strings Attached - $13.6M…$39.7M
3.  3. The Mechanic - $11.5M…$11.5M
4.  4. The Green Hornet - $11.5M…$78.8M
5.  5. The King’s Speech - $11.1M…$72.2M
6.  6. True Grit - $7.6M…$148.3M
7.  7. The Dilemma - $5.4M …$40.6M
8.  8. Black Swan - $5.1M…$90.7M
9.  9. The Fighter - $4.0M…$78.3M
10. 10. Yogi Bear - $3.1M …$92.5M

Two thrillers release this weekend and likely to bifurcated reception. James Cameron has had his name branded all over marketing for Sanctum 3D. The film is inspired by real events where a team of cave divers nearly perish in an unexplored cave. Somehow this feature was produced for only $30 million, a real steal for a producer as wealthy as Cameron. It is the wider release, premiering at 2700 cinemas.

At the other end of the spectrum is a teen version of Single White Female. The Roommate stars Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester (Country Strong). According to IMDb, the plot of this teen scream is quite familiar, following closely in tone to the obsessive stalker picture previously named. It could be a hit with the kids, but only on the scale of the past week’s releases. It releases at 2700 location this week.


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