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New Point-and-Click Adventure ‘The Shopkeeper’ Out Later This Month

"Mastertronic and verse publications have teamed up to bring you this new point-and-click game "
Mastertronic and verse publications have teamed up to bring you the new point-and-click game The Shopkeeper. Set inside an antiques shop where each item has it's own unique history, players will dive into the pasts of these objects in order to find the right one for a customer's relative. This narrative is told via a short-form multi-path structure, apparently designed for repeated playthroughs. All of it is visualized in a hand-drawn gothic art-style, reminiscent in parts of a graphic novel. The developers claim it is influenced by the great LucasArts classics of yore, so if you're into your adventure games you might wanna check this 'un out.
The Shopkeeper will arrive on PC, Mac and Linux towards the end of October. You can check it out on Steam here.


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