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The Sixth Gun #12 – Review

The only monthly supernatural western comic returns this week from Oni Press and it kicks off the next storyline in the series. The last issue saw Sinclair and Becky board a train with the preists of the Sword of Abraham, a group that have sworn to dispose of the guns and General Hume. They’re transporting Hume’s body to a safer location to prevent him from escaping his coffin yet again.

The issue actually begins with Hume’s wife, the possessor of the one of the six guns and the only one that isn’t in Sinclair and Becky’s possession. She kills a group of slaves to restore her youth and then calls in a favor to get her husband’s body back. She commissions a man by the name of Eli Barlow to retrieve Hume’s body and the guns. Barlow happens across a town that has recently killed a group of criminals, he lets out some magic that reanimates the dead gang’s bodies and puts them in his service.

SIXTH GUN 12 4x6 COMP FNL.jpgThe Zombie cowboys catch up to Sinclair’s train and begin attacking. Brother Roberto and the rest of the Sword of Abraham begin shooting back, but soon discover that not only are their attackers fast, but that they’re damn near unstoppable. Sinclair takes two of the guns and gets involved with the dead men, which solidifies him as a bad ass. He takes aim with the first gun and blows the side of the train off killing the Zombie. His bullets kick ass, but they’re not putting the rest of the dead men down for good.

This is a great issue for new readers to jump on to and really that’s the strength of this series. Writer Cullen Bunn finds new and interesting ways to reintroduce the story. Even if you’ve missed out on the series up to this point, the recap at the beginning of the issue and the narrative are perfectly balanced to give you all the info you need to catch up if you want to. Really you could come into the series on this issue and not need to know what happened prior in the series and that’s a mark of a great book.

The character development is non-existent in this issue, but that’s due to establishing the story for new readers and the next arc. The character interaction is still great as it reminds readers of the characters personalities which is just as important as developing them. Sinclair is full of great lines and continues to walk that line of the hard to trust hero. It’s what makes his relationship with Becky so interesting as they have opposing personalities that are at constant war with each other and yet share the same goal.

The art is as always perfect for the book. Brain Hurtt is an amazing talent as he draws a period piece setting filled with supernatural horrors that have crossed every range imaginable. This issue he treads into new ground once again and knocks it out of the park. His drawings really make the characters come to life as Hurtt gives them as much personality and character as the dialog does.

This is a great monthly book and really one of the best western comics on the market. What’s truly great about it is that it’s an independently produced monthly comic that has never had a shipping delay. Some creator owned books can barely get four issues out in a year *coughmillarcough* so a big congrats to the team for doing over a year of books now. If you’re looking for supernatural action adventure then don’t write off this book and its unusual place setting, by doing so you’re missing out on one of the best monthly comics on the market.

Overall Score – 8.5/10



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