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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre gets a Sequel

Jigsaw and the Saw franchise are not even fresh in the grave and producer Mark Burg is moving on. The original The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be getting a sequel entitled Leatherface 3D. The screenplay is brought to you by the same mind that created Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. The idea is to connect back to the final events of the low budget 1974 classic and then jump forward thirty five years. With that sort of leap it begs the question if an older Leatherface will still be the central villain. In any event the crazy cannibals will be getting the 3D treatment.

Comments on BloodyDisgusting.Com are not enthusiastic. One horror fan said, “I have a feeling this will be direct to video.” Fans of Leatherface and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre were agreeable on a new installment but hesitant in regards to the 3D gimmick. A commenter had this to say," First of all why 3D again? It's seriously an epidemic in Hollywood that doesn't seem to be ending soon.” But there were still some who, with low expectations, will journey to see the final product. “Sadly enough I’ll be seeing this one” said one writer. Sadly, so will I.


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