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The Third Army Rises in October

Batman got “Night of the Owls” recently. Now, Green Lantern gets “Rise of the Third Army” this October as the Guardians of the Universe unleash their replacement for the Green Lantern Corps.

This latest event in the Geoff Johns-led Green Lantern franchise has been in the making since the end of the last, “War of the Green Lanterns.” At the end of that story, the Guardians of the Universe arrived at the conclusion that the Green Lantern Corps was as flawed as the Manhunters were, necessitating a third attempt at a universe-spanning force. This third attempt is, obviously, the Third Army.

Rise of the Third Army
There is little to go on besides the promo image DC Comics has provided, and the most obvious element of that is the absence of Sinestro and Hal Jordan, the current stars of Green Lantern. What does this mean? Probably nothing since you know neither of those two will disappear under Johns’ watch.

At first glance, the members of the Third Army resemble a combination of the Manhunters and Green Lanterns. They look mass produced with no apparent signs of individuality, which makes sense given the Guardians’ rejection of the Green Lantern Corps. One of the few details given about the event is that this Third Army’s first objective is the removal of not only the Green Lantern Corps but all of the Lantern Corps that have recently risen.

It appears that Carol Ferris will be replacing Fatality as the Star Sapphire of Green Lantern: New Guardians. This is a surprising choice, given that Tony Bedard seemed to indicate in interviews that he had long term plans in mind for Fatality. Carol is also sporting a new Star Sapphire look, notable for its lack of bare skin. But given the nature of Star Sapphires, I always found the sexed up aspect of her previous look almost appropriate. This new look, while not bad, seems to be kind of an awkward fit for the concept.

Taking center stage is the new human Green Lantern we can expect to be introduced to very soon. Personally, I question the need for yet another human Green Lantern and yet another male human Green Lantern at that.

Of course, John Stewart is in the back. Because this is comics and John Stewart. You only see any decent love paid to him in an animated series.


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