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The Unfinished Swan In Development

In 2008 a short tech demo of The Unfinished Swan was shown online. That was the last the world saw of it. That is, until now.

Sony has cracked the lid on this interesting new game. The PSN exclusive is being developed by newly assembled studio Giant Sparrow. The Unfinished Swan lets the player control Monroe, a young boy in a blank world. Monroe starts the game in a completely white space. There’s no objects, no walls, no floor, nada. To explore this absent space, he must throw wads of black paint to discover his surroundings. As he desecrates his alabaster enclosure, the world is revealed. It’s simple, yet effective. But, the game isn’t completely set in a pitch-white world, only the first 15 minutes are. After that it’s supposed to get “really weird,” says Ian Dallas, Creative Director at Giant Sparrow.

Dallas also explains his newfound relationship with Sony. He describes it as an “incubation deal,” and he compares it to Sony’s recent partnership with critically acclaimed thatgamecompany (the creators of Journey, Flower, Flow, etc). Just like that deal, Sony will be supplying Giant Sparrow with office space, equipment, and advice. All Sony asks for in return is a solid game.

The aforementioned incubation period is reaching its end, and I’m personally hoping for another memorable PSN experience. I look forward to what Dallas describes as a “fairytale landscape,” one that has been created to evoke a “sense of wonder” from the player. Enticing, right?

For now, take a gander at the heavy contrast teaser trailer: 


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