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The Vampire Diaries – The Murder of One

Ok, let’s try this again: The Vampire Diaries is baaaack! With ‘The Murder of One’ we’re actually back to the fast-paced, game changing show we all know and love. And even though this is actually the last episode for three weeks, it was a pretty darn good one. Torture, love, revenge and family, it was all present at this party of crazy town-folk. So let’s rewind and process every crazy thing that has happened.

The biggest shocker of the night was actually not linked to the title but to Bonnie. Most critics are not Bonnie-lovers, mostly because she’s a lousy witch who’s only power is to light candles. But tonight she really stepped up, in every way. Kat Graham proved she was really just working with a flat character and that there’s nothing wrong with her acting chops. Bonnie was forced by Klaus (he threatened the mother and boyfriend that both left her) to undo the spell that bound all the Originals together. There was some blood, some mumbling on Bonnie’s part, but there was namely a lot of anger. Bonnie pointed out exactly why we are supposed to hate Klaus (he manipulates people and apparently that’s bad). But what choice did he have? The Salvatore brothers are on a full on vampire-hunt for him and his siblings. This episode is titled ‘The Murder of One’, so can we really blame a guy for protecting his own skin?

The premise of the episode was actually rather nice. The two vampire brothers were on the hunt for the a original vampire family. Rebecca actually pointed out that the significant difference was that the Salvatores would die for each other, whereas Klaus would never do that for Rebecca or anyone else. It can’t be assuring to be her right now. As Stefan and Demon gathered “the gang” to execute the plan they stumbled upon a few problems; first of all, Alaric killed Caroline’s father, secondly, Elena was probably going to ruin everything again. It’s quite amazing how the issue of Caroline’s dad was dealt with. Alaric said he was sorry, Caroline admitted she had blood on her hands too and that was really it. Look, he was no saint but Caroline needs to have flaws too. She’s just too perfect now. Not that we’re complaining, Caroline as a blood-sucking deadperson is still more gracious and sensitive than any of us. And for what it’s worth: Elena did ruin everything. Sort of. She was all for saving Alaric because Elena digs murderers. Whatever works for the story.

Unfortunately for everyone, the Originals are smart. Before we knew it Damon was hanging from the ceiling all cut open and bleeding. Rebecca was having a bad day. She was obviously mad because Damon used her to get information and now she wanted blood. The plan was to drain the vervain out of his body. It was pretty hardcore for The Vampire Diaries, or any show for that matter. One of the best things about the torture was that Rebecca and Klaus were actually arguing over how to do it better. Think a sibling fight with a lot of sadistic playing. Yet, with one of the Salvatore brothers out of the game, one was still very much dedicated to the task.

Stefan actually worked well together with Matt in attacking an Original. The target was Finn who returned to town and had found Sage. This was actually a great story as we saw the love between Finn and Sage rekindle. Imagine loving someone for 900 years. But love does not last in Mystic Falls and Stefan attacked Finn though it was Matt & Elena who got the killing blow. At that very moment Bonnie completed her spell (which actually worked), so Finn’s death was not enough to kill them all. It was however enough for Sage to get her revenge on and try to kill Stefan. It was nice to see her try and get revenge because if such event would happen to us, everyone would try to get revenge too. But alas, Sage died too because the death of one means the death of every vampire he has turned. Yes, the entire race of vampire could be extinct if all Originals die. And that means, if Klaus dies, so does Tyler. How’s that for a game changer?

Really, The Vampire Diaries has done it again. After a slew of mediocre episodes we are once again going strong. Every five minutes a major twist occurred and several characters’ lives were actually in the balance. With only a couple of episodes left, I imagine it shall be less of a blood bath and more of an alliance thing. After all, Stefan confronted Elena with her love for Damon and with the possibility of every vampire gone, at least one human should take it upon themselves to rid the world of evil, right? Who knows, with this show, everything changes all the time anyway. And that’s exactly why we love it.



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