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The Walking Dead #100 Makes Comic Book History

Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead series has reached multiple milestones impressive for not only an Image Comics title, but any comic book title. His series became so popular, issues have sold for over $1,000 despite only being a couple of years old. It became a show on AMC, had it's own interactive survival simulation at comic-con, and now with The Walking Dead #100, The Walking Dead has reached a new milestone by becoming the best-selling initial order issue of the century for Image Comics and Skybound.

The Walking Dead #100 sold out the day it was released on July 11th. 383,612 copies were sold making it the best-selling comic book in initial orders for any publisher since 1997 when Darkness #11 was released by Image Comics and Top Cow. The hundreth issue had 13 variant covers, all of which SOLD OUT.

"This is a remarkable achievement," Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson said. "It's extremely uncommon, if not flat-out rare, for a comic book to see a sustained increase in sales following its first issue, but The Walking Dead steadily climbed up and up since its launch in 2003, and we couldn't be more proud of Robert, Charlie and the whole Walking Dead team."

Writer Robert Kirkham is a partner in Image Comics. He was the first person invited to join Image Comics twenty years ago when the publisher was created. He comments on The Walking Dead's success by saying:

"The Walking Dead continues to greatly exceed all my expectations in all forms... I am especially excited for what this means for comics as an industry, that this is an independent comic hitting that number... The future of comics couldn't be brighter as more and more readers are embracing new ideas in a big way."

Since it sold out, The Walking Dead #100 will be getting a second printing featuring new cover art by artist Charlie Adlard. It can be ordered now with the Diamond code JUN128066.

I'm still kicking myself for not picking up The Walking Dead when it first came off the stands back in 2003.  

The Walking Dead #100 Full Cover 


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