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The Walking Dead Casting News

With production in full swing for the second season of AMC's breakout hit, The Walking Dead, new characters are being cast. These roles also confirm for fans of the ongoing comic series that Rick Grimes and his ragtag band of survivors would be heading into familiar territory, which was welcomed news to those that were itching for more storylines from the comics.

Veteran actor Scott Wilson (In Cold Blood) has been cast as Hershel Greene, owner of the farm Rick's group comes across while on the road. With forty-five years of acting experience under his belt, Wilson should be a good addition to the cast. Hershel is a man determined to protect his family, while at the same time struggling to accept the cold realities of the world he now lives in. Grabbing the role of Hershel's daughter, Maggie, was Lauren Cohan (Supernatural). The character is a rebellious, free spirit, with an acidic tongue and sarcastic wit.

The pair will join other newcomer, Pruitt Taylor Vince (Deadwood), who had been previously cast as the Greene's farmhand, Otis. Described as polite and friendly, Otis along with Hershel and Maggie will join the rest of the cast when the survivors seek refuge at the farm after a harrowing journey of searching for a new safe haven away from Atlanta.


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