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The Walking Dead: Details of Frank Darbont’s Departure Emerge

THR is reporting that a source closely involved with The Walking Dead has confirmed that showrunner, Frank Darabont, was fired by AMC from the hit series he helped create. His termination was a shock to both the cast and crew; who other insiders are claiming have been ordered by AMC to not discuss the incident with the press. Darabont was originally reported to be leaving the show just three days after his appearance at Comic-Con 2011.

Though an exact reason for his firing has not been given -with both AMC execs and Darabont himself refusing to talk to press- it is most likely due to the tightened budget and shooting restrictions AMC was forcing on the show. Darabont was vocal in his opposition to AMC's plans, saying that it would have affect the show creatively. In addition to slashing production values, AMC submitted several “suggestions” on how to change production; such as shooting half of each episode indoors and reducing the number of onscreen zombies.

This is the third incident in only a few months where AMC has been made to look bad in the press. The network that owes all of its acclaim to their original series just cannot seem to stop making terrible decisions regarding their future. A budget fight with Mad Men creator, Matthew Weiner, delayed the show until next year, proposing to cut Breaking Bad's fifth season in half caused Sony to start shopping it at other networks, and now AMC has gone after the only show to bring the network commercial success.


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