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The Walking Dead Episode 4 Is Out Today

Like one of the game’s own undead shamblers, the fourth episode of TellTale’s The Walking Dead series has crept up on us unexpected. Today sees the release of The Walking Dead Episode 4: Around Every Corner.

The latest edition is available on the US PlayStation Store today followed by the XBLA and PC versions tomorrow the 10th of October. There is no word yet on a release date at Europe, but going by the previous episodes I wouldn’t expect this latest episode any time soon. The episode will be available for $4.99 individually or free if you’ve already purchased the season pass.

The Walking Dead Episode 4: Around Every Corner sees what’s left of Lee Everett’s gang making their way through Savannah in search of an escape route. The moody trailer highlights the problems you’ll be encountering including a depressed Kenny, a cowardly Ben and a continuation of Lee’s devotion to and protection of Clementine.

The Walking Dead series has received critical acclaim, not least of which from PlayerAffinity’s own Jeffrey Dy, all but proving that a QTE-based, storytelling episodic title is more than feasible in this often fallible market. A physical retail box set featuring all five episodes is scheduled for launch next month, so pick that up if you’ve yet to try out this great spin on the Walking Dead universe. Be sure to check back here at PlayerAffinity for our thoughts on the latest episode of The Walking Dead.


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