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The Walking Dead Is Getting a Spin-Off

This week AMC announced that The Walking Dead  is planning a spin-off series slated to release on AMC in 2015. The show will follow a new group of survivors living in the zombie filled post-apocalyptic world.

Robert Kirkman will be the executive producer of this new spin-off series. He is the creator of The Walking Dead comic book and is currently the executive producer on The Walking Dead television show. He wants to make a television show that is not tethered to the comic book. It will be a fresh story that no one has seen before. This will allow for a new point of view of the zombie apocalypse.

What do you guys think about this announcement? Do you guys want to see a spin-off? Are oversaturing The Walking Dead franchise? Can this show be better than the original? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. 



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