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The Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer

One of the best goodies that Comic-Con gave us was The Walking Dead season 3 trailer, which is below. The overall tone seems a bit more raw than the prior two seasons. One of the comic's main themes is that humans are the real danger, not walkers, but the show has only hinted at that with Shane going bad and Rick's badass bar scene last season. Also like the comic, The Governor, Michonne, and the prison are introduced.

It seems like they might be playing the Governor as more of a mysterious leader and less of a psycho villain. Michonne looks nothing like her comic counterpart, but that's fine since no one else on this show really does either. The more important part for her is nailing the "cool, badass chick with a sword" without seeming lame or too cartoony.

While this trailer does excite me for season 3, where I was pretty indifferent before, "The Greatest Thriller Ever Produced For Television" quote is so ridiculous that it's nonsensical... is the writer of that exclusively watching CBS rather than FX, Showtime, HBO, and other AMC shows? Ignoring crazy and inappropriate quotes, this very well made trailer and how the show handles main characters being at different locations for the first time, which I hope helps the pace, has me looking forward to October coming around.


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