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The Walking Dead – Seed Review

The hiatus is over! The Walking Dead is back, and season three has finally started. This is one of my favorite shows on television right now. The show always promises to have a lot of action, crazy moments, and of course zombies.  

This episode takes place around six months after the season two finale of the show. Rick and the gang finally get to the prison, and try to figure out a battle plan on how to get past the walkers who are at the prison. Michone is officially introduced as she tries to help a sick Andrea.

One thing season two lacked was walkers. A lot of fans were disappointed that all the group did was hang out on the farm. We didn’t get the suspense that season one had because the group was too safe. Season three makes up for the lack of zombies by adding a lot more to this premiere. This episode is full of action and zombie hoards. Characters that have never really taken a part in the action even get to hold a gun in this episode. Carol, Bethany, Carl, and Hershel take a part in clearing out the zombies while the group tries to take over the prison. Maggie is even added to “lets kill zombies crew”, which usually consists of Glenn, Daryl, and Rick. I am glad that these characters are playing a bigger part in the action.

We even get to see some revelations from Lori’s pregnancy. Lori is worried that she has lost the baby. She doesn’t know if she will give birth to a stillborn baby or if she is just malnourished.  She brings up a lot of good points. She thinks since the zombie virus is air born that if she gives birth to a stillborn baby it will be a walker or if she dies during childbirth she will kill her loved ones. I am glad they brought up this point. It may become a big dilemma in future episodes. 

There is romance blooming for some characters this season. It seems that Bethany and Carl have a thing for each other. I still think this is a little weird since he is 13 and she is 17, but maybe it will work as the relationship develops. At least Bethany is actually part of the plot now. Daryl and Carol’s chemistry even develops further.

As new relationships are blooming old ones are being severed. Rick is so concentrated on being leader and keeping everyone safe, he doesn’t even seem to care about Lori’s pregnancy. Lori thinks Carl and Rick hate her. Although I can kind of see why they may hate her. She did blame Rick for killing Shane even though she told him to kill him. 

Even though there was a lot of action in this episode I still don’t think this was a great season premiere episode. There was a lot of zombie killing, but not a lot of story progression. There also wasn't enough suspenseful moments or big shockers a season premiere should have. They crammed a lot of the shockers in the last five minutes of the episode, when they should have spread that story throughout the episode.

 Another big disappointment was that we hardly got the chance to see Michone and Andrea’s story.  We only got two scenes from them. Although, in those scenes we did get to see with Michone were pretty badass, and had some great action sequences. I was hoping to get more story from these characters, but it seems like we are going to have wait until next episode.

This was not the best season premiere for the Walking Dead, but this doesn’t mean this was not a good episode. There is a big cliffhanger that is going to lead to you wanting more. I think this season is going to be great because it seems that we have a lot of great story ahead of us. I just wish they gave us a little more in the season premiere. 




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