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The Walking Dead: The Board Game

If you’re a Red Blood comic book fan, chances are you love and or worship master comic scribe Robert Kirkman. You’ll be happy to learn that his runaway hit, The Walking Dead, is coming to the world of board games. This summer Publisher Z-Man Games will have the honor of bringing The Walking Dead: The Board Game to the world. The game was designed by Keith Tralins of MegaGigaOmniCorp, Inc.

The game will feature the characters and situations from the comic book. “Our goal was to give players the chance to feel like they had to survive in that world, with an unrelenting swarm of zombies at their heels,” said designer Tralins. 

The Walking Dead writer Robert Kirkman is enthusiastic about the project: “We’ve done test plays of The Walking Dead board game at the office. I couldn’t be more impressed with Z-Man Games,” he said.

The Walking Dead: The Board Game will have a suggested retail price of $39.99.

The best part is when you roll the dice and land on any spot, you stay there and have boring dialogue with every player for three years. The game goes nowhere and you see a zombie. Zing!


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