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This is The End: A Top Ten List

There are a lot of great comedies out there. Many of which feature any number of big names or big names in the making, to anchor the film and deliver what it sets out to. Films like The Hangover, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, and Bridesmaids are a few examples. All of the actors in those films have all had great moments and perhaps not so great moments in their careers. In recognition of This Is The End, the new comedy to hit theaters this week, we take a look at some of the lead actors' greatest movie moments and put them in a top ten list. Here we go!


10. Craig Robinson: Hot Tub Time Machine

You may know Craig Robinson best in the role of Darryl Philbin from the hit NBC show The Office. However, Robinson has also been in his fair share of films like Zack and Miri Make a Porno and Miss March. The number ten moment goes to him as Nick Webber, employee at a dog spa who (not so subtly) gives a customer a piece of his mind (and a present from his dog).

9. Danny McBride: The Foot Fist Way

Prior to This Is It, McBride could be seen in a small role in James Franco's adaptation of William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying.  You might also remember him from Ben Stiller's hugely successful Tropic Thunder and Your Highness, which you may or may not agree, might not have been a good look for him. In this moment (called "Little Stevie Fischer") from an early, and quite hilarious gem in his career, he plays Taekwondo instructor Fred Simmons. Simmons is teaching Little Stevie a lesson and in the process, learns something himself.

8. Jay Baruchel: Fanboys

Baruchel has made a name for himself playing the social outcast geek and underdog in many of his films. She's Out Of My League, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and How To Train Your Dragon are fair examples of this. For this moment, he faces off up against the athletic and intimidating Ray Park in the Lucasfilm archive room. It's brief, but there is a feel of awesomeness in this moment.

Jonah Hill

7. Jonah Hill: The Sitter

Though he'd been around earlier in some supporting roles, Superbad is one of those films that really generated a considerable amount of attention for Hill as Superbad, brought him one of his first leading film roles. This moment in The Sitter where he goes over babysit the Pedulla's children is very simple, but it is a classically humorous moment.

Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks

6. Seth Rogen: Zack and Miri Make a Porno

From Knocked Up and Green Hornet fame, Seth Rogen's great moment here is where, during a moment of frustration, he gets the grand idea to make some extra cash by making, well a porn flick!

5. Jonah Hill: 21 Jump Street

Hill's second moment on this list comes from a party scene in which things start "getting real."

4. Jay Baruchel: She's Out Of My League 

This film obviously had to be on this list. A fantastic moment for Baruchel is a scene at an air show in which he explains to his girlfriend Molly (Alice Eve) why he really couldn't shake her father's hand upon meeting him.

3. James Franco: The Green Hornet

You know him. The PhD candidate. The perpetual student and avant-garde actor and director. This classic moment comes from the opening scene where the cleverly named Danny Clear (Franco) lays down the law for the new guy in town. It's a small role, but Franco eats this part up.

James Franco 2

2. James Franco: 127 Hours

You could argue that this whole film is a great moment for Franco, being that it is essentially a film driven by his Academy Award nominated performance. The moment from this film comes in the final act. Aron (Franco) has a premonition of his future child. It is this that gives him the strength in the films final moments to press on and survive.

James Franco 3

1. James Franco: Spider-Man 3

I just couldn't resist. This film started off so strong and had great potential thanks largely to an element like James Franco's Harry Osborne. This moment is the first battle between Peter (Tobey Maguire) and Harry. Franco really delivers here and everything he felt through the first two movies really comes to fruition in the scene. You see it all, the history is there and Franco nails it despite how the movie ended up not living up to the standard of the first two.

What might you all think about this list? Were there better moments you would have liked to have seen here? Someone else who should have had more spots? I'd love to know. Do drop a comment!


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