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This Week on PS3 – July 26th, 2011

Another week of the summer doldrums. We're really in the dog days now, as there's only a single game new to brick and motor shops today. At least it's an intriguing one. Still, now's definitely the period to go back through the backlog and finish off all those games you left behind when the market was flooding with new stuff.

In Stores
Only one disc-based game this week, but it's a weird one. Catherine is some sort of crazy combination of bizarre Japanese storytelling and fast-paced puzzle gameplay, and is supposed to feature a story with actual ideas and themes behind it. How novel! It might be too weird for me, but I'm sure it's up at least a few people's alleys.

It's finally here! Golden Axe is on PSN! For five bucks! You can also play the last chapter of the Back to the Future series for free, the new version of that stupid Deadliest Warrior game, or a special bundle of Section 8: Prejudice that comes with free armor and maps. I know you'll be all over that.

In case you're undecided on buying a budget video game based on a terrible, unscientific TV show, you can try out Deadliest Warrior: Legends before making a final decision. You can also check out the PS3 port of No More Heroes, which is actually something I'd consider doing in the next one hundred years.

Biggest thing this week looks like the "Legacy" add-on for Dragon Age II, which I guess explores the main character's relationship with their father. I still need to play the first Dragon Age, but if you enjoyed the sequel you can continue the experience for ten bucks. "The Consul's Car" is a case for LA Noire that came with all of the PS3 copies of the game, but if you bought the game used, you can now get it for $4. This is what's known as a "Gamestop Tax". There are also new, minor pieces of content for Homefront, LittleBigPlanet 2, Dynasty Warriors 7, Dirt 3, and Red Faction: Armageddon. Plus there's a bunch of Yes songs for Rock Band.

There's a sale going on for a bunch of THQ games and DLC on PSN, including Red Faction: Guerilla and the two DoubleFine downloadable titles, Costume Quest and Stacking. The sale runs until the first of August and everything is half off, so stock up while you can.


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