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This Week on PS3 – July 5th, 2011

As far as new content, this week is pretty bare, though there are a few options if you've missed games before and want to benefit from waiting to check them out. We also see the return of a well liked but long forgotten franchise in downloadable form.

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The only new game out this week on disc is Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon, which is likely to involve shooting and blowing up lots and lots of giant bugs to save the planet from destruction. There's a couple rereleases as well, namely the Resistance Dual Pack which combines both entries in the successful if not entirely beloved exclusive alien-shooting series into a cheaper package, and Mafia II: Director's Cut, which ropes in all the downloadable add-ons that were previously available. I haven't played any of those games yet, so I might give them a shot.

This week primate catching returns in a big way with Playstation Move Ape Escape, which combines the thrill of trying to capture simians with the instinctual pleasure of waving your arm around. Apparently there are over 500 apes to catch, which seems like a high number. There are also a couple of PS1 games available, the imports Rapid Angel and Yakiniku Bugyou. I haven't heard of either before, but one's about punching dudes and the other's about preparing food. You have to guess which is which.

The big thing this week looks like Warrior Kenshi, a new fighter for Mortal Kombat. There's also plenty of new stuff for Rock Band, Cars 2, and Motorstorm Apocalypse. Of course there's also bits and bobs for a bunch of other games, but nothing that looks terribly exciting.

The Uncharted 3 Beta is now available to everyone, so go download it if you haven't yet and are interested in checking out this Fall's most anticipated PS3-exclusive shooter. From what I've seen, they're adding a lot to the multiplayer, and it could be a lot of fun. Provided everyone doesn't play a few rounds and then go right back to Modern Warfare 3.


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