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‘Thor 2’ Controversy: Was Patty Jenkins Fired?

It is old news that Patty Jenkins is no longer directing Thor 2, but it appears that's not the end of the story. Production is becoming just as epic as the comic book series itself with reports that Jenkins was fired.

The Hollywood Reporter says Marvel was dissatisfied with the lack of progress Jenkins was making and thought she was going to delay the project to the point that it would miss its November 2013 release date. Thor writer Don Payne wrote the first draft of the script. There are also conflicting reports about a lack of clarity from Jenkins and Marvel, both blaming each other about having an unclear vision. Marvel is disappointed by her decision and sources close to Jenkins say she had a clear vision and was surprised Marvel even hired her.

Thor star Natalie Portman is also unhappy with Jenkins being removed as director, as it was in part on Portman's recommendation that Marvel hired her. Portman was scheduled to have a break from acting after the birth of her son, but was excited to return to the series because of the Monster director’s involvement. Marvel is now trying to smooth relations with the actress, who is contractually obligated to return to the series but a bit disenchanted with it at the moment.

Marvel is looking at Game of Thrones directors Daniel Minahan and Alan Taylor to replace Jenkins, but it is still sad that a respected director missed out on the chance to direct a Superhero tent pole. She would have been the first woman to do so.


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