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THQ Store Having 75% Off Sale

Publisher THQ is having one huge sale on dozens of downloadable games.  Pretty much everything in their catalog is marked down by 75% right now, with no specific end date for the sale announced.  The only catch is that these are the downloadable versions of the  games, not retail copies.  But that's a small price to ask in exchange for offering products like Metro 2033 for ten dollars, along with many other games for five dollars.

Some particularly noteworthy franchises put out by THQ are Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War, and its sequel Dan of War 40k II.  You can grab these at five dollars for the Gold Edition of DoW and $7.50 for DoW II respectively; the assorted expansion packs for either game are all about five dollars each.  Some other series also included in the sale are Supreme commander, Company of Heroes, and Titan Quest, all of which are going for a pittance, and each has a smattering of expansion packs, and Gold Editions.

A few recent shooter titles like Red Faction Guerrilla and S.T.A.L.K.E.R are up for grabs at five dollars as well, and that's a great deal for either of those games.  Both games in the highly recommended military squad command sim Full Spectrum Warrior franchise are selling for a mere $3.75.   You can see the full list of games over at THQ's online store.


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