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Three Split/Second DLC Packs Announced for this Month

Black Rock Studio’s Split/Second, the high speed, explosive stunt racing game will be getting 3 content packs on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace “in the next couple weeks.” Additionally, a 4th pack has been announced by the studio, though not expected to launch until next month.

As far as the content slated for August, details as of now are a bit vague. According to the official Facebook page, the first pack will “provide new liveries to really make your turbo-powered Elite vehicles stand out from the rest of the crowd,” which may entail various new skins and design options for your vehicles. The second pack looks to offer you a new set of cars, known as the “High Octane” Super Car Pack. And finally the third pack will be a free new ride based on the classic Ryback Cyclone for all owners of the game.

As far as that 4th pack goes, which is expected to release sometime in September, we know that it will offer a new environment for the game, but nothing much else other than that. Additionally no pricing has been set for the first and second content pack, or the 4th for that matter. However as stated above, you’ll at the very least get the third pack absolutely free.


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