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Thursday Sales November 11th

The trend at all the online game stores is to start their weekend sales a bit early, which is why we posted our Weekend Sales report at 4:00 on a Thursday.  Steam is getting the weekend off to an early (And lackluster) start with a 33% sale on F1 2010, a racing game which normally goes for $39.99, but you can now get it for $26.79.  Steam is also cutting 50% off the price of Risen, and RPG by developer Piranha Bytes.  Because all of these new sales are coming so early, Steam is still honoring their Midweek sale on Day of Defeat Source at the time of this writing.

Gamersgate.com is holding a 75% off sale on Majesty2.  You can get Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom for $7.48, and Majesty 2: Kingmaker for $3.74.  This is in addition to their Spy Week promotion which give discounts on anything spy related.
Impulsedriven.com has their weekend “Impulse Buys”, and this week they’re putting 18 games by developer eGames on sale at 50% off.  That’s in addition to the other five Impulse Buys which includes East India Company Collection and Hacker Evolution, both at half off.
 Finally, Games for Windows is selling Osmos for 75% off, which brings this title down to $2.49 from now until next Thursday.


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