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Tim Burton and Robert Downey Jr. Want to Pull the Strings on a New ‘Pinocchio’

Although Tim Burton ditched Disney’s revisionist Maleficent, a project that just hired a new director, he might take up the helm of another fairy tale-based property. This time, however, it would be about a certain puppet that wants to be a real boy.

Burton has expressed interest in Warner Bros.’ plans for a new live-action take on Pinocchio. This adaptation would see puppet-maker Geppetto taking center stage as he seeks the titular puppet. The Hollywood Reporter says Burton’s top choice for the part is Robert Downey Jr., who supposedly wants the role and the opportunity to work with Burton.

Though neither Burton nor Downey Jr. is officially attached just yet, it doesn’t hurt that both have a strong relationship with the studio. Burton is finishing Dark Shadows, set to hit theaters this May, while Downey Jr. has continued to rake in cash as the face of the “Sherlock Holmes” franchise.

The most interesting aspect of this development, of course, is that Burton wants a leading man whose name isn’t Johnny Depp. Even so, a pairing of Burton and Downey could make for an interesting – and expectedly eccentric – fantasy film.


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