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Titanfall 2 Teaser Released

"It's a teaser. For a trailer. For Titanfall 2. The alliteration is amazing."
The Titanfall 2 teaser trailer dropped today and we have a tantalizing monologue, and awesome mecha swords to look at. If you can’t watch it because you are at work, or whatever, here’s what’s happening. The camera approaches through a jungle as the speaker questions the objective of heroism. Then there is a drop as the speaker says, “you’d live longer,” and then a mecha sword is driven into the ground and that was pretty sweet. Circle June 12th. That’s the day when the full trailer for the much anticipated sequel to Titanfall, the First Person Shooter mecha fighting multiplayer fame from Respawn. Early indications are that in this game there will be a single player campaign for those of us who like to game alone in the darkness of our basements without anyone around to talk to us as the dread lord of gaming intended. What? No one else thinks that? Oh. Well. This small taste is just the first to come down and it gives us an idea of what we will be looking at when the full trailer comes out. I anticipate more jungle, more heroic consequences, and please, dread lord please, more mecha sword. Respawn is an independent gaming company founded by Vince Zampella in 2010. Titanfall was the most awarded game at E3 in 2013.


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