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The Tithe Receives Advance Acclaim

Writer Matt Hawkins (Think Tank) and artist Rahsan Ekedal’s all-new thriller suspense series The Tithe is a breakout hit, gathering high praise and momentum with with the continuation slated to release on May 20. Already the plot is picking up into exciting new avenues and colleagues and critics alike have noticed this upswing.  

The Tithe 2 promo

  In The Tithe #2, another mega-church is robbed despite the FBI’s surveillance.  Tension ratchets up as a member of Samaritan’s “heist” team is killed and the “Robin Hood” act isn’t quite as fun as they originally thought. IGN notes: “While the main premise is definitely intriguing, it's with these characters where the series finds both emotional depth and an interesting intellectual debate.”   Comic Book Resources states that the book is “a strong and approachable story with a fresh flavor.” Multiversity Comics comes out swinging with the best appraisal: “ a whole new genre of comic-book”. With this much going on behind the title itself, a reader owes it to themselves to give a little look-see. The Tithe #2, again, is out May 20 at a local comic shop near you.


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