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Todd Mcfarlane Fan’s Ultimate Art Book

Apparently a long time in the works, the visual biography of president of Image Comics and Todd McFarlane Productions, Todd McFarlane will be coming in limited supplies to stores near you on Wednesday, November 21st, 2012.   The Art of Todd McFarlane: The Devil’s in the Details will be McFarlane’s first and only art book.  The book includes about 30 years worth of artwork from Todd McFarlane. The book also tracks McFarlane’s life story from his earlier years when he was just a young comic book fan to his later and greater years when he became a well-known name in the comic book world. The Art of Todd McFarlane: The Devil in the Details The 400 page book has anecdotes strewn throughout written by McFarlane himself that take you through his life. He will also be giving his opinions about characters form DC and Marvel Comics, comment on the part he played in forming Image Comics and the creation of his character Spawn, provides black-and-white artwork that are original pieces from his work, and talks about McFarlane dabbling in other areas outside of the comic book realm including toys, films, animation, music videos and video games. McFarlane talked shortly about his life and the upcoming autobiography: “I broke into this industry when I was 23 years-old. The only way to put a book like this together is to have actually spent more than two decades creating the art within it,” said McFarlane. “The passage of time allows you to build up a body of work, that as you step back, has meaning, and can be an inspiration for other artists along the way. I’m happy to be able to collect my autobiography in both a written and visual format. I hope the wait has been worth it!”  Todd McFarlane McFarlane cleverly has the book coming out in time for Black Friday, clearly hoping the book will be a Christmas gift for many a comic book fan. Despite being “nationwide,” there will only be 5000 copies of the 400 page 9 by 12 hardcover book. 700 will be signed and number editions are also available. Make sure if you’re getting the gift though your comic book fan is already getting, since the book is going for a whopping $64.99 signed and numbered addition will be going for $100. If you’re a huge fan of Todd McFarlane, enjoy putting down the money or unwrapping it Christmas day. If not, but you like comic book art, keep in mind that for one of these $100 art books you could buy about roughly thirty-three comic books (not including tax), which would total over 900 pages (at 28 pages each) to the art book’s 400. So, 500 extra pages for your money may be the better buy for art fans…   


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