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Tokyo Game Show Announcements for PS3

A lot has been happening at this years Tokyo Game Show, and there have been a few interesting new titles announced. So, here is a summary of some of the PS3 games we can start looking forward to:

Shadows of the Damned – Published by EA. You head into the world of demons and your role is as a professional demon killer. Gameplay is rumoured to be similar to that of Resident Evil 4, as well as including motorcycles that you will be able to ride. Currently it is scheduled for summer of 2011.

Ninja Gaiden III - Team Ninja announced that Ninja Gaiden III is in development. The announcement was made behind closed doors at the show and little more is currently known. It has been confirmed that Tomonobu Itagaki, who has been with the series from the start will not be involved.

A new Devil May Cry - Although it is currently being referred to as DmC Devil May Cry and not Devil May Cry 5, there is definitely a new game in the series coming along. Ninja Theory are the team working on it and it is expected to break away from the roots of the previous titles in the franchise by being darker and more brutal. No release date has yet been given.

Dead Space 2 special edition. - Exclusively for the PS3 EA will be releasing a special edition of Dead Space 2 alongside the standard edition on January 25, 2011. Included will be Dead Space Extraction, which is an update of the Wii's on-rails shooter. Extraction will also have added Trophies and the ability to play with the Move motion controller.

Asura's Wrath - Capcom is working with CyberConnect2 to develop Asura's Wrath, which is a brand new franchise for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A third-person action game using the Unreal Engine 3 that will include huge god-like figures in space! No real details or release date were given.


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