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Tomb Raider Gets Its First DLC on March 19th

Tomb Raider is out everywhere currently, and that is not stopping Microsoft from snatching up the first DLC pack as a timed exclusive. The "Caves and Cliffs" pack will release as a timed exclusive on March 19th, for a mere $4.99 (400 MS points). No word on if this DLC will add achievements, but it does add three new multiplayer maps.

For those that have not dived into the multiplayer aspect of Tomb Raider, I actually have quite a bit, and it is not half bad. Considering it was only announced as part of the game a little bit before the game's release, it actually plays a lot better then I initially thought it would. While these new maps don't add any new multplayer modes, I for one am a bit excited for some new maps for the game. Tomb Raider is out now and expect our review soon on Entertainment Fuse.


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