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Ton Of New Posters For The Maze Runner Released

Just under two months away from the release date, the adaptation of James Dashner's crackling series debut The Maze Runner has gotten nearly a dozen new posters, thanks to the movie's Facebook page. There is your normal cast-assembled-and-staring-at-something-ominious-and-out-of-shot claptrap, but those aren't quite worth mentioning. What is cool about the marketing campaign here is that the folks behind it seem to actually understand the DNA of Dashner's absolutely bonkers YA series. The posters are mysterious, exciting, head-scratching, and they will not be leaving your head anytime soon. Check 'em all out below, shanks, and see you all in the maze. [gallery ids="56097,56098,56104"] [gallery ids="56102,56103,56106"] [gallery ids="56108,56109,56110"] The Maze Runner hits theaters September 19th.


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