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Tons of News In Latest Activision Conference Call

Activision finished up quite an investor call in the past few days. And in this investor call they announced the cancellations of multiple big named Activision franchises while also announcing a new studio. The titles that have been cancelled are: the new DJ Hero, new Guitar Hero, and True Crime: Hong Kong, the most surprising of those being True Crime. Though none of us expected True Crime: Hong Kong to be a great game, Activision had been talking about it for over a year now, and had demoed it to press multiple times.

The most disappointing cancellation was obviously the DJ Hero franchise. I completely understand why they did, and I wasn’t very surprised by it, but both the first DJ Hero as well as its follow up were of good quality. The second being something I’ll still occasionally pop out when I have a few friends over. They also managed to deliver one of the most consistently bat-shit insane, yet enjoyable soundtracks out there. And for Guitar Hero? About damn time, Activision. One of the smaller news pieces to slip out was the fact that Tony Hawk will be taking a year off this year. This is a great idea and something that was obviously needed as the past few Tony Hawk installments have been nothing short of pitiful.

The other two big news pieces were that Activision has established a new studio(?) entitled Beachhead and that the new Bungie project will not be releasing in 2011. It’s not entirely clear if the Beachhead thing will be a new studio or just a service for the Call of Duty brand. I’m sure we’ll receive more info on the subject in the coming months.

What do you Player Affinity readers think of the cancellations? Any strong feelings on no Bungie project in 2011 or Beachhead? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Source: Giant Bomb


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