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Top 10 Grand Theft Auto PC Mods: Iron Man, Gravity Gun, DeLorean, & More

While Grand Theft Auto V is still 53 days away, the excitement is already building among fans. To get you ready for release, we will be bringing you many different features on the series and revisit all of our favorite parts of the franchise so far, as well as looking forward to the future. But before we go into more serious topics we will be putting the spotlight on one of the more light hearted areas of the series, mods.

The modding scene has been huge for GTA games on PC for a while and it lets the fans go crazy to do whatever they want. From the ridiculous (Angry Birds character skins) to the incredibly impressive (entire new areas), mods add another level to the games which many will be happy to never even touch upon. So before we dissect the best that Rockstar has given us for the series, let’s run down our top 10 favorite mods that fans have created over the years.

10. Back to the Future DeLorean

This one you've probably seen even if you’re not into the mod scene as it’s pretty well known for being such a simple concept that was executed perfectly. It’s all of the little things together that make this mod as great as it is. Complete with Marty McFly skin, fully detailed DeLorean, on screen HUD and once you hit the magic speed you disappear complete with fire trails. Pretty epic mod. Check it out in all it’s glory below. Doc would be proud.

9. Crimson Mecha

Ever wanted to stroll around Liberty City in a giant killing machine? Well now you can with this mod that gives you control of a huge mech that fires multiple rockets whilst walking and jumping around, causing an insane amount of havoc. This is the type of mod that is great for people who found Grand Theft Auto IV too serious as it’s way too ridiculous for Rockstar to ever include, so the community has made it for you. Enjoy.

8. Batmobile

There are probably more vehicle mods out there than anything else and this is the only one to make the list. It made it because what’s cooler to drive around in than the freaking Batmobile? There isn't anything. You can also get the Tumbler from Nolan’s trilogy, but the model from Tim Burton’s films still looks fantastic today. Now we just need a full Batman mod that turns Liberty City into Gotham City.

7. Millennium Falcon

Need I say more? This mod’s only downfalls is that it doesn't have any sort of weapons and can’t enter warp mode for obvious reasons. But it is huge and come on, it looks pretty epic.

6. Iron Man/Hulk/Superman

I decided to bundle these together as a sort of superhero special, but even individually they are still a lot of fun. With this mod, you get one step closer to an open world superhero game which let’s you just cause as much havoc as you so wish. Superman in particular complete with a flying mod is just incredible. Reminiscent of the jetpack in San Andreas, being able to traverse the city at such speeds is awesome and would make for a great cheat for Rockstar to include themselves in Grand Theft Auto V.

5. Titanic

The king of all ships had to make an appearance sooner or later. The level of detail in the interior and even working chimneys makes this better than your average mod. It’s a shame you can’t actually move it but the size would make it almost impossible. A nice touch would be some funny Easter eggs relating to a certain iceberg but that would make this more of a joke than it is, which is a faithful recreation of the famous ship.

4. From the Earth to the Moon

Another mod that requires many elements which when put together creates a fairly unique experience. Firstly, there’s the rocket ship which is used to leave Liberty City as you slowly make your way into space. Then there’s the new detailed moon complete with an alien ship behind it. Space travel in GTA? Why not.

3. Gravity Gun

This is a very fun tool that shows why everything is great about the modding scene. Not just some new skin but a weapon that actually adds an entirely new gameplay mechanic to GTA IV. It’s completely ridiculous and ludicrously fun and just great all round. More of this please.

2. Bigfoot

The most nostalgia filled mod on the list, this will only be awesome if you were around when San Andreas was released and everyone was obsessed with trying to find the mythical Bigfoot. Even though he never existed (or did he?), the impact this had was so big that Rockstar themselves even made reference to it in Red Dead Redemption. This mod let’s you finally get that battle we wanted with Bigfoot in the woods of San Andreas. And he won’t get down without a fight.

(Skip to about 3 minutes in for Bigfoot action)

1. GTA IV San Andreas

There are way more funny mods out there. There are also more unique mods but this one is so impressive just for the sheer amount of work that went into it. This mod brings the entire San Andreas map into GTA IV, running on the RAGE engine. Similar mods for GTA III and Vice City also exist but this one dwarfs them all and is a truly incredible feat. This goes beyond most mods that are designed just for 15 minutes of fun. This is a love letter to an incredible game made by people who clearly care about the project. Just bravo.

So there it is. The first feature in a series focusing on a selection of our favorite parts about one of the best loved franchises in video game history. Soon we will also be bringing our lists of the best characters, missions and more from the previous games as we look towards the future of the series. Entertainment Fuse will have plenty of content to help the unbearable wait as the release of Grand Theft Auto V draws nearer.


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