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Top 10 Mech Suits and Battle Armor

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are armed in mech suits in their latest sci-fi movie Edge of Tomorrow. Mech suits and battle armor are a fun part of the arsenal for sci-fi stories, so let's celebrate by looking at some of the best. elysium exoskeltons 10. Elysium - Exoskeletons Starring this list is the Exoskeleton in Elysium, a steel frame that is physically fused to someone's body, making them faster and stronger: useful when fighting an oppressive force of robots. It is particularly dangerous when given to psychopathic Kruger (Sharlto Copley) as he is armed with an extra blade as well as his regular weapons. batman vs superman in the dark knight returns pt. 2 9. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 - Batman's Battle Armor How can a 55-year-old Batman challenge Superman? With battle armor of course! And that is what happens in the second part of the animated adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns as the aging Caped Crusader goes toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel. avatar amp suit 8. Avatar - AMP Suit From Avatar is the Amplified Mobility Platform, or AMP for short. They are the heavily armed mech suits used by the invading forces of Earth. To take on the 9 feet tall race of Na'vi, the human soldiers use these suits, armed with a large rifle and bayonet along with a knife as a backup. They are very effective mowing down an army that uses bows and arrows. the daleks 7. Doctor Who - Daleks Daleks are a species that are genetically engineered to feel nothing but hate and live for conquest and genocide. The Daleks are The Doctor's eternal nemesis. The Daleks themselves are just mutated blobs and have to live in their battle armor to survive. It is this armor that makes them the powerful force they are. The Daleks are armed with a powerful laser, a universal USB port that allow them to absorb any information, a forcefield and have the ability to fly. Their only weakness is the eye port. pacific-rim-jaeger-drop 6. Pacific Rim - The Jaegers Sometimes bigger is better and that is the case of The Jaegers from Pacific Rim. The Jaegers are as tall as skyscrapers and used to defend cities around the Pacific Ocean against monsters known as Kaiju. These behemoth machines are all individual in their design and need to piloted by two people who must be mentally in sync with each other to work effectively. the matrix revolutions mechs 5. The Matrix Revolutions - Mech suits The mechs battle suits are the primary weapon of war for the humans in the battle against the machines. It was during the Battle of Zion in The Matrix Revolutions when the machine gun armed mechs are fully used as Zion's best soldiers try and repel a endless wave of robots. Power Loader Aliens 4. Aliens - Caterpillar P-5000 Powered Work Loader Not all Mechs are designed for warfare or law enforcement. The Caterpillar P-5000 Powered Work Loader in Aliens was made for industrial use in warehouses. That does not stop the Power Loader from being an awesome piece of equipment as Ellen Ripley uses it to fight the Alien Queen as she utters the immortal line 'Get away from her you Bitch!'. It has even been spoofed in the stop-motion animated short Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death. robocop 1987 3. Robocop Series - Robocop suit After being brutally shot by a vicious gang, Detroit Police Officer Alex Murphy is resurrected by Omni Consumer Products for their cyborg programme, giving birth to Robocop. As Robocop Murphy has powerful armor, a machine gun pistol and a USB stick that also doubles as stabbing weapon. In later installments, Robocop earns a machine gun and flamethrower arm as well as a jet pack. In the 2014 reboot, he had a slicker but controversial redesign. district 9 mech 2. District 9 - Prawn Battle Suit The Prawns are a strange insect like race that are stranded in Johannesburg after their leadership dies. They also have a large arsenal of weapons that an evil weapons manufacturer and Nigerian gangsters want, despite the weapons being linked to the Prawn's DNA. One of their most powerful devices is a battle suit that has rockets, guns and an anti-gravity gun that fires pigs as projectiles. iron hero still Dishonorable Mention: Iron Hero Iron Hero (also known as Metal Man) is an atrocious movie, a straight-to-DVD cash in on Iron Man. Having a dismal score of 2.0/10 on IMDB Iron Hero tells a story about a college student who ends up trapped in a metal battle suit and has to stop an evil arms dealer who wants to sell the technology. What makes the movie so gleefully terrible is low production values, incompetent direction, awful acting and most all the cheap rubber suit. The movie is so low budget that it has our hero having fist fights in suburban California and has their version of Iron Man driving a minivan. I am Iron Man! 1. Iron Man - Iron Man suit Tony Stark is a multi-billionaire industrialist and inventor and was a weapons manufacturer before he was captured in Afghanistan by a terrorist group. With shrapnel near his heart, Tony has to create a power source to keep him alive and helps his means of escape, powering his iron suit. The Iron Man armor has evolved from a slow tank like structure to the slick red-and-gold design we all know and love. Armed with a range of high-tech weapons and supported with his artificial intelligence JARVIS, Iron Man is able to battle the many forces of evil, from terrorists to aliens.  


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