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Top 10 Objects In Comics

Here are some of the coolest objects in comics! No matter how odd, no matter how cool, and how unused it might be I’ve got information on what objects are the greatest in comics!

10. Kryptonite

Kryptonite first appeared in Superman #61 on December of 1949. It was introduced when Superman decided to take a trip to his (now dead) home planet, Krypton. The world soon found out that Kryptonite could weaken or even kill Superman; The Prankster was the first human being to encounter Superman with Kryptonite. This is one of the most common DC Comics object; that has had 335 appearances. Lex Luthor found out the hard way that it could give him cancer. However, lets save this story for another day?

9. Lightsaber

This Jedi/Sith weapon is the only tool that a Jedi or Sith might need. I personally would like this object to be real; looking at the technology today we couldn’t do it (yet) that is. The Lightsaber first appeared in Star Wars #1 in July of 1979. The reason this is even on this list is because; I think it’s cool and definitely better than Kryptonite.  

8. Flash Ring

The Flash ring isn’t a Flash Corps ring, just if you were wondering. The Flash ring holds the Flash's costume for quick changes. The question I’ve always had is how does he fit that huge thing in a tiny ring? Anyway, the Flash ring has been one of the coolest objects that I’ve seen in comics. Especially, when I own one of these awesome rings myself!

7. Green Power Ring

This badge of the Green Lanterns! Green Lanterns can and will create constructs of hard light to enforce the rules of the Universe. Remember, to be a Green Lantern it takes great dedication and willpower. Besides, I don’t think a space cop pays that much anyway. Who would want to get paid as a Space Cop, when you get an awesome ring and costume! The first unofficial Lantern, Alan Scott, used the Power Ring it first appeared in All-American Comics #16. So don’t forget to space-pull while going to work! It’s good for the Universe and your neighbor!

6. Mjolnir

Thor’s sweet hammer! Thor, and those who are deemed “worthy” by the hammer can only pick up this object. This first appeared in Journey into Mystery #83, and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. So far not only Captain America can wield this hammer! Characters from DC Universe like Superman and Wonder Woman, can also pick the hammer up. However, who would really want to make Thor the only person to be able to pick Mjolnir up? 

5. Iron Man Armor

Who doesn’t like Iron Man and his armor? He’s a super smart genius who has a mechanical heart, and he’s got awesome suits of armor! The Iron Man Armor comes in many shapes and sizes, packing all sorts of weapon goodness within it. As Iron Man, Tony Stark is literally a one-man Army! The Iron Man suit first appeared in Tales Of Suspense #39.

4. Adamantium

Adamantium is the indestructible object that is on every single ounce of Wolverine’s bones. It first appeared in Avengers #66 (weird right). S.H.I.E.L.D wanted the Avengers to test the strength of the metal, and not even the thunder god Thor, could dent this metal! Wolverine might have it in his body, however other characters have this object as well. Examples are, X-23, Cap’s Shield, Maverick’s Knife, Bullseye’s spine, Ultron’s body. There are other examples, but those are some key points that I wanted to give. I’ve liked how Wolverine has had an Adamantium skeleton and can cut through mostly anything, but I hate it when I would be dropped in an ocean!   

3. Batsuit

The Batsuit is one of the coolest objects in DC Comics. It first appeared in Detective Comics #27, and has constantly been improved by Bruce Wayne. Bruce’s current Batman suit looks awesome, even though it has black on yellow emblem. When they make a cool Batsuit, I will buy one. However, now Batsuits only look cool in comics. Especially when Batman has a worldwide corporation. Step aside Green Lantern corps here comes Batman Inc!

2. Captain America’s (Mighty) Shield

Cap’s shield first appeared in comics in, Captain America Comics #2. The original shield used in War World 2, was frozen then dropped and broken by Tony Stark. The first shield was made out of Vibranium, and the modern shield is made with a technology that (seemingly) can’t be destroyed. Through-and-through, Cap’s shield is #2 on the Top 10 list! Why you ask? Because Cap is the greatest symbol of America comics have ever known.   

1. Money

This is probably one of the most famous comic objects in every comic! I don’t need to say more, this is #1.

Hope you all liked this segment of Top 10 Comic Book Objects; get ready for another feature on Thursday where we journey into the most obnoxious characters in comics! You don’t want to miss that! Also post comments below. I want to see your top 10 objects list.


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