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The Top 5 Best Kick-Ass Scenes

It’s been almost one whole year since the comic series known as Kick-Ass finally had its final bows. Always a pit of controversy and madness, the series left its mark on any who read its four main volumes. In honor of this (honestly premature) anniversary, I want to count down the top 5 moments of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.’s opus. In no particular order, but with some getting more consideration than others. As always Beware of Spoilers.  
  1. Kick-Ass has a Great Idea

Kick-Ass chair

  This is one that I think very few could really try to argue against. Throughout the majority of the first volume, Dave Lizewski has a very big problem with being competent and overall just not being that forward thinking. He’s brash but also balks at doing any heavy lifting. It’s only with this particular scene that he shows some rather impressive, relatively of course, guile and cleverness out of him. While not the best, it gets the job down and does a pretty good job of getting the reader on his side before the big finale. Also - it’s pretty dang hilarious to boot.  
  1. Colonel Stars is a Pious Man

Kick-Ass stars

  One of the best things about Kick-Ass 2, which (while I do enjoy it overall) has to be my least favorite of the series by a rather large margin - but even it has some rather noticeable highs. One of those is without a doubt the incomparable Colonel Stars - who is just a really nice guy. It’s so fantastic when we get a character who is just as pure and good-natured as this, within such a setting. It’s like a treat, and the Colonel being cheery and humorous helped to serve things as well. It’s just funny to see him, an ex-mob vigilante, being the moral core.  
  1. Red Mist’s Last Stand

Kick-Ass mist

  What is there to say about Red Mist? He was a character that many feel is so irredeemable and unlikable and honestly, many aren’t sad that he is gone. All that said, aside from Kick-Ass 2, he was one of the highlights. He was out of his league even compared to Dave himself, and that’s what made him a riot. The best he ever was appeared in Kick-Ass 3, where he had to nut up, and he did. He made his mark and he chose his fate. While, of course, he couldn’t be redeemed, not at all, he chose his own end. There’s something in that, but it’s not a “farewell”, but a “so long”.  
  1. Hit-Girl Goes for a Ride

Kick-Ass car

  This would be the one I would have picked for the best moment in the series were it not for the moment right below this one. In the rather uneven mess that was Kick-Ass 2 this scene stuck out like a sore thumb - because it was actually pretty awesome. It’s a great ending, and really brings all cathartic momentum of the series to one focal point - a sacrifice. All of the bad blood and ill will is nearly forgotten (but not quite) as this goes on. If the comic was capable of it, this is where the grand swell of music would kick in, just to emphasize the grandiosity of it all. It closes a weak read on an incredibly strong note.  
  1. We Come Full Circle.

Kick-Ass flight

  This is going to be short, because there’s nothing to really go into with any complexity here. We go right to the beginning, but this time it works. It so simple, but it’s so effective. The beginning of the series was a big laugh and something that set the tone perfectly. It only seems like a good idea that we book-end it. It’s a bit of a shock, but a good one, and really you have to give it to the team for being so ballsy as to reference it once more. If there's anything Kick-Ass was all about, it was about having balls.   Comments and thoughts, plus maybe your own picks, would be appreciated below.


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