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Top 5 Best Secret Identities

Unlike the secret identity don't winners, these heroes and villains know how to keep their identities secret. Sometimes just because of their powers themselves...

5) Spawn

Spawn Best Secret Identity #5
Say what you will about the gritty original adventures of Spawn back in the 90s, Al Simmons had the perfect secret identity: a man dead and buried for five years. His ravaged face is unrecognizable, with only his word proving he's truly Al Simmons.

4) Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing Secret Identity #4
Following a similar style as Spawn, Swamp Thing a.k.a. scientist Alec Holland was believed dead and only appeared as giant green leaves. Not only was it physically impossible to tell, but recently after decades it was revealed by Snyder that the Swamp Thing was not even Alec Holland but the spirit from his dead body. Swamp Thing has also been several other people in the past, all physically dead and none recognizable. Multiple Swamp Things, multiply difficult to identify secrets.

3) Joker

Joker Best Secret Identity #3
People continue to speculate in various continuities of Batman who the Joker was before the horrible event leading to his clownish transformation. Almost a century old, Joker's real identity has rarely been explored with the closest carnation of him being in the Batman movie. But this is often retconned, and Joker is the master of manipulation...

2) Big Bertha

Big Bertha Secret Identity #2
Few photographers would believe Ashley Crawford, the delectable model seated before them with slender hips and pouty lips is really a thousand-pound meta-human. This Marvel character is the most recognizable super model in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, leading the surprising secret life of a super-heroine with invulnerability and super-strength. She could even withstand a date with Deadpool.

1) Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Best Secret Identity #1
Look up into the sky and you'll see a muscular 30-something-or-other-year-old in a red costume with a lightening bolt on it. You would expect this 'stud-muffin' of a superhero, with strength that could match Superman's, to be your handsome coworker. But when he says the magic words of the sorcerer Shazam... you are left with eight-year-old Billy Batson, a grade-schooler who you can still catch saying "Golly!" A fool-proof secret identity. Though I rue the day when little Billy Batson grows up into a stud-muffin and puts on a pair of glasses to land on the Worst Secret Identities list alongside Superman.

These heroes don't need glasses or even masks: their identities are elaborate enough that they needn't bother. Unlike these elaborately lame secret identities from DC Comics.


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