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Top 5 Comic Book Series of 2012

There have been a lot of great comic books that came out this year. So, here is a look at some of my favorite comic book series of 2012. In the comments below be sure to tell us your favorite comic book series:


1. The Amazing Spider-man- I have always been a big Spider-man fan, and this year I am happy to say The Amazing Spider-man was great. Dan Slott told some great stories. Dan Slott puts you on the edge of your seat especially with the events going on in the last story arc of The Amazing Spider-man. Dan Slott has guts to change a well-known character like Spider-man into something different. I am sad that this series will be ending, but I am sure Dan Slott is going to do a great job with Superior Spider-man.  I hope Superior Spider-man is one of my favorite series of 2013.


2. Hawkeye- Hawkeye is a new ongoing series from Matt Fraction. I was pleasantly surprised with this series when I read the first issue. I love how simple, but brilliant this series is. It shows what Clint does when he is not being an Avenger. Sometimes Clint can get outshined by the other Avengers so it is nice to see his character shine in his own book. The dynamic between Kate Bishop and Clint Barton makes this series special. They have one of the best dynamics I have seen in a comic book series. This is a series that is under the radar that I think everyone should be checking out.


3. Batgirl- Gail Simone knows how to write Batgirl’s character so well and it shows in this New 52 title. I have been a Barbara Gordon fan for as long as I can remember. I think Gail does this character justice. Many people were upset when they saw Barbara was not going to be Oracle anymore, but Gail Simone did not forget that Barbara was crippled. It is a big part of the series, and what makes this series great. It is too bad that Gail Simone will be leaving this series when 2012 ends. I don’t know if the series will be the same without her.


4. All New X-men- All New X-men is my favorite Marvel Now series that came out in 2012. I wish Brian Michael Bendis came onto an X-men series sooner. I think this is the perfect time to bring the past X-men to the present. Present Cyclops needs to realize what he did was wrong when he was part of the Phoenix Five. So, maybe the only person to convince him to go back to the way he was is his past self. This is the one series where you can get all the X-men in one place. So, if you don’t want to buy any other X-men series than this is the perfect X-men comic book for you.


5. Batman- I just started reading Batman when the Death of the Family story arc started. After reading some of Scott Snyder’s Batman I realized how much of a mistake it was not to pick up this series in the past. Scott Snyder has great dialogue and story to this series. He gives a fresh take on Batman that is perfect for the New 52. This series would have been higher on my list, but I have to still catch up with past issues to get the whole feel of the series. 


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