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Top 5 Maps in Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

Top 5 maps in Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

First off, how much of a treat is this game for anyone who loves Pac-Man (and generally anything awesome). Why did nobody think of doing a Pac-Man game in this fashion before, taking obvious notes from recent arcade hits this is easily the definitive version of Pac-Man. Unlike the old classic that we know and love, this one comes with significantly more levels, which granted; wouldn’t be hard. However, which ones are the best and why? Fortunately, a Pac-Maniac (see what I did there?), me, has compiled a list of the top 5 maps that are guaranteed to get your waka waka waka on!

Championship II


There’s just something undeniably retro about the way this level feels. It plays so smoothly and the patterns to gobble up those bots seem so perfect. This is easily the quickest match for those time trials, the fluidity of its design really comes through once you start breezing through the numerous time trials this level has. It’s also (most likely) the first map you’ll ever play, at it’s amazing that it doesn’t feel obsolete by the time you’ve unlocked the later levels. You’ll still find yourself coming back to this level again and again long after you’ve beat them all.



The challenge this level presents along with the amount of replay value secure it a place in this list. It’s one of the few levels that put a heavy emphasis on custom routes in order to trigger those all important ghosts spawns. Constantly figuring out new ones and adapting them as you’re playing makes for some tense moments (if you’re abusing the slow-mo effect) and when you come out of them on top, you feel like a genius as well as a Pac-Man pro.



Just thinking about designing this level makes my brain hurt. This level really tries to make you circle around your own movements, obviously this is not the best way to do things. Figuring out where you can wander off the beaten path and the fastest way to get back on it makes this level incredibly satisfying to complete, especially with a high score. This is also a really great level for time trial enthusiasts, moving up on those leaderboards is a great feeling.



This definitely gets my pick for the toughest level in the game. Across all fronts this level is tough; to get a really high score, maintain your ghost combo, and race through the time trials. Pac-Man has never really been easy though, this seems to be the developer’s way of staying true to that fact. Definitely one for the leaderboard addicts out there.


One word; ghost combo! All right, maybe that’s two words, but there is nothing in this game more satisfying than eating over 100 ghosts in less than fifteen seconds. This game is all about speed, and is easily being the most addictive for ghost combo and definitely a contender for the best level in the game. This level makes the most out of the ghost train system and the desire to replay it just never ends.

Make no mistake; every single level in this game is great. However, these are the five that really stand out and make the game what it is. These levels are so good, that if the game only came with them, you just wouldn’t care because you’re too busy having a blast playing them.


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