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Top 5 Most Anticipated Wii Games

A few weeks from now, Wii owners will get the chance to sink their teeth into Metroid: Other M. Furthermore, Nintendo proved at this year’s E3 there will be much more to anticipate from them in the future. Unfortunately, armed with limited funds and attention spans, gamers like me must also limit the amount of games to look forward to. Thus, without further ado, below are my top five most anticipated Wii games whose names aren’t Metroid. 

5. GoldenEye 007

Truly, the original Goldeneye was a masterpiece in game development.  Seriously, how often does a licensed movie game bring friends together via multiplayer, have insane replay value, and remains fun a decade later? Never, because Goldeneye was one in a million. So much so, every replication has been horrid.
So what makes the Activision remake so different from others? Well, aside from Daniel Craig being the Bond likeness and differing level design, not much. Sure, the graphics are archaic and the gameplay might be dated. However, if Activision somehow manages to capture the magic of the first, no amount of ugly character models will keep anyone away.
4. Disney Epic Mickey

Personally, I like Square-Enix and Disney separated like church and state. So when Epic Mickey was initially rumored, I shuddered a little bit. Thankfully, Squeenix’s church-like taint will not be anywhere near Epic Mickey. Furthermore, game designer Warren Spector of Deus Ex and System Shock fame will be onboard. If that isn’t enough, Disney want’s Epic Mickey to embrace the more mischievous side of Mickey Mouse. With so many unlikely combinations, Epic Mickey will not fail to be interesting.

3. The Last Story

Let’s face it, J-RPG’s nowadays suck. Yes, every once in a while a game like Valkyria Chronicles or Persona is released and leaves me enamored but, for some reason great J-RPG’s, like the aforementioned, have become an increasingly difficult sell. With The Last Story, the esteemed father of Final Fantasy, Hironobu Sakaguchi looks to change that. 

Developed by his team at Mistwalker, it is undeniable that Sakaguchi needs this game be successful. His last few games haven’t faired well and the J-RPG genre could stand to benefit from his creative genius. Sadly, details behind The Last Story are vague, but with a great team behind the new property and a very mysterious trailer presented, it is difficult not to be excited.

2. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Yes, Shigeru Miyamoto did look embarrassed and flustered while demoing Skyward Sword. However, the footage is undeniably Zelda. Furthermore, with a vivid color scheme in tow, Skyward Sword is being touted as the first true Zelda game for the Wii.
Will it be the next evolution in Zelda games? Probably not. Will it finally be able to dethrone Ocarina of Time? Doubtful. Will it be a rollicking good time? Undoubtedly. 

1. Kirby’s Epic Yarn

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a huge Kirby fan and I find most games in the series to be boring. Generally everything after the Dreamland series were little more than rehashes of old ideas. Years have gone by since HAL Laboratory did anything creative with Kirby. And then, Kirby’s Epic Yarn was unveiled. 

Of every game at E3, this was the one game to blow me away. Not only did the game look graphically impressive, but the art style was wonderfully unique. Looking at the trailer, it’s obvious time was put into every aspect of the game. Every action, reaction, and movement is ridiculously detailed to the point where the whole trailer becomes a collage of  “wow” moments. And if that isn't astonishing enough, the game is slated to be released sometime this fall. 


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